In my monthly blog, I discuss topics ranging from what I am currently doing in my own coaching to reviewing different subjects that are explored in academic literature within sport’s coaching, as well as my own personal beliefs!

What is a game model & how can I use it in the coaching process?

Game models, Playing models, Performance models, these terms have dominated the football & sports coaching world over the last couple of years. Every coach at the minute seems to have one, every coach seems to want one. But what actually are they? What is their purpose? “The GAME model is the overarching, planned, tactical/strategic approach […]

Philosophies & Beliefs – Can they be blind us as coaches?

Philosophies & Beliefs, every sports coach has them, or will develop them at some point in their career. Its often one of the first things we are told, to start working towards or developing our own philosophies and beliefs from our knowledge and practice experience. The ‘importance’ of holding a philosophy has often been discussed […]

Moving on from undergraduate – What to expect from a masters course?

You’re considering studying for a masters degree, Very exciting! So what should you expect? It’s a fantastic question, and probably one I’m in a great position to answer as a final year MSc Sports Coaching student. The question itself is quite broad, so let me break it down into 5 questions that I think every […]

What is tactical periodization? – a brief introduction

Let’s think back to our younger days playing football. For many of us, the context would be junior football, yet a select few may have been lucky enough to play within an academy. All the same, what did the training sessions consist of? I often recall having a warm up to start the session (which […]


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