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Interview Appearances

Ilkley Town Amateur Football Club

Our First interview with the Womens First Team manager Sam Holmshaw

The Tactical View

In this weeks edition of The Tactical View – Game Models with Sam Holmshaw

As it’s International Women’s Day, we thought there’s no better time to speak to Sam Holmshaw, who is currently First Team Manager at Ilkley Town Women’s. Sam talks to us about the women’s game, Game Models and much more.

Check it out here:

Podcast Appearances

The Mastermind Site Podcast

Creating a Game Model – with Sam Holmshaw – TMS Podcast

Episode description: You might have heard some buzz recently in the coaching world about something called “game models”. But what exactly is a game model and why is it so important to coaches across the globe? Sam Holmshaw joins the podcast to discuss his insight into creating game models, and share his experiences working in the UK coaching and football scene.

Sam Holmshaw is the First Team Manager of Ilkey Town Women, the host of @The_SC_Podcast and the Technical Director of @HolmshawAcademy. You can find his website and game model packages at and follow him on social media @SamHolmshaw_MSc.

Rhys Desmond is the creator and owner of He is a lifelong lover and educator of the beautiful game. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram @DesmondRhys.

The Tactical Foul Podcast

Episode 26 – Tactical Foul W/ Sam Holmshaw MSc

Episode description: Today we talk to Sam, Ilkley Town Women’s Manager and host of Sports Coaching Podcast. We discuss his academic approach to coaching, setting yourself apart within your profession, and having his family every step of the way.

The Soccer Coaching Podcast

Episode 52 – Game Models, Tactical Periodization, Play v`s Practice and much more, a conversation with the wonderful Sam Holmshaw

Episode description: In this episode Sam Holmshaw (@SamHolmshaw_MSc) from The Sports Coaching Podcast (@The_SC_Podcast) discusses Game Models, Tactical PeriodiZation, Play v`s Practice and much more.

On The Sideline Podcast

Aligning your coaching decisions to your goals – with Sam Holmshaw

The Walker Talks Coaching Podcast

The Walker Talks Coaching Podcast – S2 EP2 – Decision Making, Deliberate Practice & Donor Sports

Episode description: Dan Walker is joined on the Walker Talks Coaching Podcast by Sam Holmshaw from the Sports Coaching Podcast to discuss the topics of ecological dynamics and perceptual cognitive repertoire in relation to decision making. Additionally Sam talks about the debate of deliberate practice vs deliberate play and how donor sports can improve performance.

Total Football Podcast

Total Football – S1 EP8 – Sam Holmshaw talks coaching

Episode description: Old Centralians Women first team Head Coach Sam joins me to discuss everything on a coaching perspective.

COACHlife Podcast

COACHlife – S1 EP2

Episode description: Sam Holmshaw is the current Women’s Centralians AFC Manager & attends Leeds Beckett Uni completing his sports degree! We delve into his coaching experience from right back when his dad was a manager and how that’s shaped who he is today! He talks about the importance of a game model approach and to be honest, convinced me and my stubborn self that a game model has its benefits.

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