The Holmshaw Academy

The Holmshaw Academy is a Football Coaching Company founded by Simon, Sam & Ethan Holmshaw. The Company was founded with the purpose to create all-rounded football players by delivering sessions that encourage creativity and adaptability. In our opinion, too many football coaches use prescriptive practice techniques that encourage players to reproduce technical skills in the same manner. Recent research within Sports Coaching academia informs us that this knocks the creativity and adaptability out of football players, and limits the technical skills that they can perform!

With both Sam & Ethan Holmshaw’s experience as ‘Academic Coaches’ coming from a research-based practitioner within coaching background. Our coaching sessions and behaviours are designed to allow players to be creative, let them make mistakes, invent new technical solutions and help produce players that are competent to play in every position on the football pitch.

With over 30 years Coaching Experience collectively in Grassroots, Amateur & Academy football, we look to use our experience from both our practical and academic backgrounds, to challenge traditional coaching methods in the UK, and help develop football players to achieve their true potential!
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