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As a football coach coming from an academic background, I think that there is a massive gap between the academic and practical side of Sports Coaching. I created the Sports Coaching podcast to attempt to bridge this gap.

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‘The Sports Coaching podcast, the coaching podcast created for coaches, by coaches!’

Samuel Holmshaw – Creator of The Sports Coaching Podcast

Each week, I invite coaches from various sports, contexts and backgrounds to explore and discuss topic’s within sports coaching academia, and explain, as coaches how we can begin to implement these ideas into our coaching practice.

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The Sports Coaching Podcast – S4EP12 – The Coach-Athlete relationship Part 2: An insight into the CA relationship within youth football The Sports Coaching Podcast with Sam Holmshaw

In this delayed final episode of Season 4, Sam Holmshaw speaks to Craig Scott. Craig is currently a First team coach and U12’s Head coach at Worthing United FC, Holds a BSc in football coaching and is currently the Webinar Host of the platform Youth Soccer coach. In this episode the chaps discuss the coach-athlete relationship, using Jowett's conceptual model as a framework for this episode. Craig shares his experiences coaching in America around the challenges he faced and eventually creating an effective coach athlete relationship. Finally the implications for coaching practice are discussed. Fascinating listen, apologies to our fans for the delayed release on this one, busy last month or so for host Sam Holmshaw.
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  4. The Sports Coaching Podcast – S4EP9 – An introduction on the coach-athlete relationship and its importance in coaching practice: an insight within boxing – with Will Smith
  5. The Sports Coaching Podcast – Season 4 – Episode 8 – Is there too much attention on weight loss/slimness in sport?

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The Sports Coaching Podcast – Season 4 – Episodes 10 & 11 – Collaboration episode with the Sports Initiative Podcast

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