Moving on from undergraduate – What to expect from a masters course?

You’re considering studying for a masters degree, Very exciting! So what should you expect? It’s a fantastic question, and probably one I’m in a great position to answer as a final year MSc Sports Coaching student. The question itself is quite broad, so let me break it down into 5 questions that I think every person considering this wants to know!

What are the seminars like?
What a masters seminar typically looks like!

On a master’s degree, your fellow students are more likely to be professionals in the field of study, that may not have been to university before, as opposed to just fellow previous undergraduate students. 

These individuals bring a real-life practical insight from their own experiences into the classroom, such as problems they have faced or what they did in certain situations within their professions. The level of discussion is so much more in-depth & detailed compared to at undergraduate level! Which personally, I love!

What’s the atmosphere like?

When I contemplated studying a masters degree, I guess I imagined it would be full of professionals within the field of study, which made me feel quite intimidated as a young student!

Example of the atmosphere in a seminar on the masters course, one of my favourite pictures ‘in practice’

The Reality? Well, I was right that professionals may be on the course! Yet was it intimidating coming indirectly from being an undergraduate student? Not at all! In-fact the opposite. Master’s degrees are very relaxed in nature. Everyone respects everyone’s background and experience, There’s no pressure to answer questions or be involved in the conversations, you are free to listen from afar if you so wish! 

You are treated like adults! Given that sense of self-regulation for your own learning that I think we all need. The atmosphere is very comfortable, and that’s very important! 

Is it enjoyable?
Even the Online Seminars have been fun!

Depends on your conception of the word! If like me you enjoy studying and have a desire to learn more in your field, absolutely! If you don’t, then maybe not! 

A masters degree is a big commitment and requires a lot of time to complete, so it’s important to consider if you are motivated to complete the ‘studying, learning, and assessment’ process. It’s up to you to complete this degree!

Is it worth my time?

Again dependent on what you want from it! If you want to develop your knowledge, develop as a learner and as a person, then yes, absolutely!

In my case, upon completion of the undergraduate degree, I thought I knew everything there was to know! Since then, I hold more knowledge and understanding in the subject area, and for me personally, developed me within my profession.  

So…… should I study one?
Studying the MSc Sports Coaching Degree at Leeds Beckett has helped me develop so much within my profession as a Football Coach

A difficult question that only you can answer! I go back to why are you considering studying a masters degree? 

Is it hard? Yes! Is it a lot of work? Yes! So you need to be prepared for this before deciding whether to study one!

I ask you the question again, why do you want to do it? If you want to study further into your field of study, develop your knowledge, develop as a professional and finally develop as a person, then a masters degree is for you!  

So there we have it, a short insight into what you should expect from a Masters course as a former undergraduate student! 

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